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Needle Valves

Needle valves are manual valves precisely used to regulate the flow of gas or liquid.

In this valve, the long, elongated, needle-like point on the end of the valve stem acts as the disk in typical valves, which seamlessly fits into the seats. Needle valves are alike to the globe valve in design with the major variance is the sharp pointed needle like a disk.

This type of arrangement allows the needle valve very steady increase or decrease in the dimension of the opening. Needle valves are often used as component parts of other, more complicated valves. For example, they are used in some types of reducing valves.

The longer part of the needle is smaller than the orifice of the valve seat which goes through the orifice before the needle seats. Needle valves are intended to give very precise control of flow in small diameter piping systems.

There are Different Types of Needle Valves
Needle valves are available in different types of material like Stainless steel Needle Valve, SS 304 Needle Valve, SS 316 Needle Valve, Brass Needle Valve, Carbon steel Needle Valve and Monel Needle Valve.

Needle valves are available in different functionalities and uses like Pneumatic Needle Valves, Screwed Needle Valve and Integral Needle Valves.

Applications of Needle Valve
• Hydraulic Systems
• Oxygen service
• Instrumentation sampling systems
• Test stands
• High temperature
• Cooling oil lines

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