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Hydraulic Quick Release Coupling

Buy Quick Release Coupling for Hydraulics, Tractor Hydraulic Couplings, Hydraulic Hose Quick Release Coupling at affordable prices from Perfect Engineer - Leading Manufacturer, Supplier, and Exporter in India. Hydraulic Quick Release Coupling allows the connection and disconnection of fluid lines in a quick and convenient way. Hydraulic Quick Coupling provides the users with the capacity to rapidly connect and disconnect hydraulic hoses to machines or attachments. All quick couplers have two parts: the male half and the female half. When connected accurately, these parts seal and the fluid flows, containing inner pressures and resisting any forces that incline to pull the joint apart. The parts are easily disconnected without tools by uncoupling a locking mechanism. Hydraulic quick couplings are accurately engineered for specific liquid and fluid applications. Hydraulic couplings are used in applications where hoses and fittings should be connected yet additionally want to be rapidly eliminated with nearly no work if necessary. They are used in many gas and liquid frameworks like water & gas systems, hydraulic installations. Hydraulic QRC are most used in high straining applications such as in oil frameworks.

At Perfect Engineers, every Hydraulic quick connect couplings we offer is robust, reliable, resistant to corrosion and chemical abrasion. Our Hydraulic Quick Release Couplings are 100% tested and checked for quality as we provide QRC with maximum functionality for your specific applications. We are the top exporter and manufacturer of Hydraulic Quick Release Couplings (QRC) in Mumbai, India. Order Couplings according to your project requirements by calling us at +91-8591096714 or fill out the Enquiry Form. To get additional information on Hydraulic Quick Release Coupling any of our high-quality products, contact Perfect Engineers and receive info and quotations within hours.

Hydraulic Quick Release Coupling Specification

Company Perfect Engineers
Material Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, SS 304, SS 316
Temperature -40 degree to 121 degree
Weight 87 Gram
Size 1/2 to 6 inches, 1/8 inch to 4 inch
Couplers PTFE anti extrusion ring

Hydraulic Quick Release Coupling Sizes

PE01-1/4 6.3 1/4" 36 50 72 19 19 12 26 1/4" 1/4"
PE02-3/4 10 3/8" 38 56 77 22 22 17 31 3/8" 3/8"
PE03-1/2 12.5 1/2" 44 66 88 27 27 20 38 1/2" 1/2"
PE04-3/4 20 3/4" 54 81 108 34 34 29 46 3/4" 3/4"
PE05-1 25 1" 62 94 122 41 41 34 55 1" 1"

Hydraulic Quick Release Coupling Types

Hydraulic Valves
It is a mechanical device designed to regulate the direction of fluid, usually oil, through a hydraulic circuit. Vital to any hydraulic system, hydraulic valves can regulate the speed of motors and movement of cylinders.

It is a quick release coupling, or quick disconnecting coupling, that is available in ISO 7241 A type. ISO A type couplings are perfect for tough, sturdy products & a preferred choice for forestry and agricultural equipment.

Features of Hydraulic Quick Release Couplings

  • Connection and disconnection: Hydraulic quick couplings allow users to rapidly connect and disconnect hydraulic hoses to machines or attachments.
  • One-hand operation: Our hydraulic QRC can be connected and disconnected with one hand.
  • Pressure eliminator: They have a pressure eliminator and our couplings have protection against accidental disconnection.
  • Push-pull system: Hydraulic quick release couplings have a push-pull system.
  • Non-return valve: These couplings have a mechanically unlockable non-return valve.
  • Cadmium plated surface treatment: Hydraulic quick release couplings have a cadmium plated surface treatment.
  • Ball bearing with manual sleeve: Hydraulic QRCs have a ball bearing with a manual sleeve.
  • Poppet type shut-off system: Hydraulic quick release couplings have a poppet type shut-off system.

Application Of Hydraulic Quick Release Coupling

Hydraulic Systems - Hydraulic Quick Release Couplings offer main and important functions in hydraulic power systems by regulating the flow and pressure of water, oil or fluids in the systems.

Automotive applications: Hydraulic Quick Couplings transfer fluid in brake systems, fuel lines, and cooling systems

Distribution systems: These couplings can be used in water, steam, vacuum, air, and oil distribution systems to regulate and control the flow.

Other applications: Hydraulic quick connect couplings are used in hydraulic applications to build or discontinue the connection of a fluid pipeline.

Why Choose Perfect Engineers?

For almost three decades, Perfect Engineers has been manufacturing and supplying a wide range of Hydraulic Quick Release Couplings and other products. These robustly designed and solidly built couplings are produced with cutting-edge materials and precision technology. We stand to fulfill global quality standards at our clients' end. Furthermore, our products are tested on a variety of quality characteristics. The entire collection is available in a variety of modified sizes and dimensions to satisfy the diverse requirements of our clients, and it is specifically designed to meet the need for a simple, positive coupler. Choose Perfect Engineers and fulfill your project needs with precision. Buy Yours Today!

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