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Bauer Couplings

Buy Bauer Coupling, Bauer Hose Couplings, Bauer Pipe Couplings & 6 Inch Bauer Coupling at affordable Prices from Perfect Engineers - Leading Manufacturer, Supplier, and Exporter in India. Bauer couplings are specialized ball and socket connections primarily used for irrigation, dewatering, and other agricultural purposes. This type of fitting is commonly available in lightweight, robust galvanized steel in sizes ranging from 4" to 8". Cam and groove couplings and bolted flanges require precise alignment for connection. Bauer fittings, on the other hand, can be linked at offsets of up to 30 degrees, depending on line diameter. This benefit of Bauer Hose Couplings simplifies installation and gives the end user more flexibility when routing hoses and pipelines.

At Perfect Engineers, we put Bauer Coupling through many testing to ensure that it holds the best attributes. We are the top exporter and manufacturer of Bauer Coupling in Mumbai, India. Order Couplings according to your project requirements by calling us at +91-8591096714 or fill out the Enquiry Form. To get additional information on Bauer Coupling or any of our high-quality products, contact Perfect Engineers and receive info and quotations within hours.

Types of Bauer Coupling

Bauer Coupling
Bauer couplings allow you to connect many lengths of hose quickly and easily. They are extensively used to pump and move water in the construction, road repair, and general irrigation industries. They can also be used to load and unload road tankers and slurry tankers.

Bauer Weld Type Ball
It typically refers to a specific type of ball valve that is designed to be welded into a pipeline or system.

Bauer Male Coupling
Male Bauer type coupling x flanged adaptors offer a connection to corresponding sized female Bauers and flanged adaptor parts

Bauer Coupling Sizes

Male Bauer Type
Bauer Size Physical Measurement
2" Fitting A = 52mm
3" Fitting A = 78mm
3.5" Fitting A = 90mm
4" Fitting A = 111mm
5" Fitting A = 135mm
6" Fitting A = 154mm
8" Fitting A = 200mm
Female Bauer Type
Bauer Size Physical Measurement
2" Fitting A = 70.5mm
3" Fitting A = 100.5mm
3.5" Fitting A = 120mm
4" Fitting A = 145mm
5" Fitting A = 161mm
6" Fitting A = 180.5mm
8" Fitting A = 234mm

Features of Bauer Coupling

  • Quick connection and disconnect: Bauer couplings can be coupled and uncoupled with a few hand movements, even in the dark.

  • Bending Angle: Bauer couplings can bend up to 30° at the coupling joint while maintaining maximum flow.

  • Rubber Seal: Bauer couplings have a rubber seal that provides an excellent seal under pressure and vacuum.

  • Heavy-Duty Tails: Bauer couplings have heavy-duty machined tails for applications that require reduced distortion.

  • Safety Sealing: Bauer couplings can seal fluids, powders, and pellets.

  • Durable Construction: Bauer couplings are robust and durable, and their performance is not affected by dirt.

  • Flexible Construction: Bauer couplings are flexible and can be used to join many lengths of hose together.

Application Of Bauer Coupling

Bauer couplings are special ball and socket connections designed primarily for use in dewatering, irrigation, and other agricultural applications.

Why Choose Perfect Engineers?

For almost three decades, Perfect Engineers has been manufacturing and supplying a wide range of Bauer Coupling and other products. These robustly designed and solidly built couplings are produced with cutting-edge materials and precision technology. We stand to fulfill global quality standards at our clients' end. Furthermore, our products are tested on a variety of quality characteristics. The entire collection is available in a variety of modified sizes and dimensions to satisfy the diverse requirements of our clients, and it is specifically designed to meet the need for a simple, positive coupler. Choose Perfect Engineers and fulfill your project needs with precision. Buy Yours Today!

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