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Ball Valves

Ball valves are valves with a Round closure unit which controls the lateral movement of flow of liquid or gas. Generally a ball valve is essentially a quarter turn valve using a hollow part inside a metal ball to control movement or flow through it.

In an open position ball's hollow portion comes in line with the flow. Closed position is achieved by pivoting it with a valve's handle by 90'degrees. Ball valves open-closed position can be judged easily by alignment of its handle bar.

Advantages of ball valves against others is it is a very long lasting, protected and reliable switch even after long duration of inactivity. These characteristics make them superior for shutoff and control applications as compared to globe valves and gate valves.

Ball valves are easy to operate, maintain and repair. Depending on the quality of material use and design used it is very flexible across many industries due to its range of operation (Pressure upto 15000psi and temp upto 400degree C)

Specification of Ball Valves

Typical Sizes
In inches 1/8 INCH TO 2 INCH
Generally valve bodies are made up of plastic, metal plastic combination or ceramic fitting in metal.

Ball valve must not be confused with a "ball-check valve", a kind of check valve that utilises a solid ball to stop undesired backflow. Other types of quarter-turn valves include the plug valve, freeze proof ball valve and butterfly valve.

Other types of quarter-turn valves include the plug valve, freeze proof ball valve and butterfly valve.

Due to their wide range and versatility Ball valves are available in various materials and made like Stainless steel Ball valve, SS 304 Ball valve, SS 316 Ball valve, Brass Ball valve, Carbon steel Ball valve, Monel Ball valve.

Working pressure for ball valves varies according to its structure, dimensions and sealing materials, the max working pressure of ball valves is up to 6000 psi.

Easy Two way installation
• Flow direction indicated by handle position
• Micro finished for sealing actuation
• Low operative torque
• Teflon washers for corrosion resistance
• 100 % tested.

• General purpose 2 way
• Design 1PC, 2PC, 3PC
• Fire safe design
• Panel mounted, 3way,4way

• High pressure instrument lines
• Gas sampling lines
• Pilot plants
• Pneumatic systems
• On/off shores
• Analyser labs

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