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Ball valve is a shut-off valve that allows, restricts, and controls the flow of liquids, gasses, and vapors via a pipe system by rotating a ball with a bore inside the valve. The ball is positioned between two seats and has a shaft connecting it to the operating and control mechanism that turns it. When the bore's cross section is perpendicular to the flow region, the fluid cannot enter through the valve. The fluid flows through the valve, with the fluid flow rate determined by the area of the bore exposed to the flow.

Ball valves offer several advantages over other types of valves. One significant advantage is their durability, ensuring prolonged reliability even after extended periods of inactivity. This durability makes them highly suitable for both shutoff and control applications, outperforming alternatives such as globe valves and gate valves. Additionally, ball valves are known for their ease of operation, maintenance, and repair. Their versatility across various industries is facilitated by their wide operational range, capable of handling pressures up to 15000 psi and temperatures up to 400 degrees Celsius. These features collectively make ball valves a preferred choice for many industrial applications, offering efficiency, longevity, and flexibility.

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Ball Valve Specification

Company Perfect Engineers
Typical Sizes 1/8 inch to 2 inch
Valve Body Material Typically made of plastic, metal-plastic combination, or ceramic fitting in metal
Confusion with Ball-Check Valve Ball valve should not be confused with a ball-check valve, which uses a solid ball for backflow prevention
Other Quarter-Turn Valves Plug valve, freeze-proof ball valve, and butterfly valve are other types of quarter-turn valves
Materials Available Stainless steel, SS 304, SS 316, Brass, Carbon steel, Monel
Maximum Working Pressure Up to 6000 psi

Types of Ball Valves

Single Piece Design Ball Valve
These valves consist of a single body piece, providing simplicity and ease of installation.

Two Piece Design Ball Valve
Two Piece Design Ball Valves feature two separate body pieces that are connected together, offering flexibility and ease of maintenance.

Three Piece Design Ball Valve
Three Piece Design Ball Valves have three separate body pieces that are bolted together, allowing for easy disassembly and repair without removing the entire valve from the pipeline.

Top Entry Ball Valve
In Top Entry Ball Valves, the valve ball and stem assembly can be accessed and serviced from the top of the valve, making maintenance easier.

Side Entry Ball Valve
Side Entry Ball Valves feature a side-entry design, where the valve ball and stem assembly can be accessed and serviced from the side of the valve.

Trunnion Type Ball Valve
Trunnion Type Ball Valves are designed with additional support structures (trunnions) to handle higher pressures and larger sizes.

Floating Type Ball Valve
Floating Type Ball Valves utilize a floating ball design where the ball is not fixed to the valve body, allowing it to move slightly to maintain sealing contact with the valve seat.

2 Way Ball Valve
2 Way Ball Valves control the flow of fluid in two directions, typically used in applications where flow needs to be regulated or shut off completely in both directions.

3 Way Ball Valve
3 Way Ball Valves have three ports and can be used to divert flow between different pathways or to mix fluids.

4 Way Ball Valve
4 Way Ball Valves have four ports and are used for more complex flow control applications, such as switching between different circuits or systems.

Products by Material

Ball Valve Pressure Rating

Ball Valve's versatility across various industries is facilitated by their wide operational range, capable of handling pressures up to 15000 psi and temperatures up to 400 degrees Celsius. Our standard pressure rating includes:
Ball Valve 6000PSI
These ball valves are specifically designed to handle pressures up to 6000 pounds per square inch (PSI), suitable for high-pressure applications.

Application of Ball Valves

High Pressure Instrument Lines
Ball valves are often used in high-pressure instrument lines to regulate the flow of fluids and gasses with precision, ensuring accurate measurements and control.

On / Off Shore
Whether onshore or offshore, ball valves are employed in pipelines, process systems, and equipment for their robustness and ability to withstand harsh environmental conditions.

Pneumatic System
In pneumatic systems, ball valves control the flow of compressed air or gasses, facilitating efficient operation and control of pneumatic machinery and equipment.

Pilot Plant
Ball valves play a crucial role in pilot plants where small-scale testing and experimentation are conducted, providing reliable control over fluid flow and process parameters.

Analyzer Labs
In analyzer labs where precise measurements and analyses are performed, ball valves are used to control the flow of sample fluids, ensuring accurate results and preventing contamination.

Gas Sampling Lines
Ball valves are commonly employed in gas sampling lines to regulate the flow of gasses during sampling processes, maintaining the integrity of samples and preventing leaks or contamination.

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